Welcome to Therapy by the Bay

Hello and welcome.

My name is Alison Panko (Barbara Alison Panko, if you’re the CA Board of Psych) and I’m a psychotherapist-in-training living in sometimes sunny San Francisco. I’m a full-time intern at an agency in the North Bay; there, I see a range of clients, ranging from young people to seniors with dementia.

I’m a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a relational, interpersonal style (read: not a blank screen). I’m also deeply practical and can see the utility in seeking solutions. I don’t believe that the practical and analytical are antithetical, not a bit.

In addition, I’m a writer, editor, amateur photographer, home cook, and animal lover; I bring all of this with me and more when I work.

Why, might you ask, does the world need yet another therapy blog?  By me? Hmmm, that’s a good question…

I’m here to offer insights about the basics of becoming a psychotherapist here in CA and beyond. I’ll also blog about several issues that are close to my heart, including (but not limited to!) autism, LGBTQI folks and therapy, adoption, depth psychology, managing transitions, and care-taking. Look for news, interviews, and book reviews, as well.

Best, Alison Panko

Disclaimer: I am not a yet a licensed psycotherapist and do not provide psychotherapeutic services via this blog. If you are experiencing a crisis, call your personal therapist, go to you local emergency room, or dial 911. I wish you the best.