About TBB

Therapy by the Bay (TBB) is dedicated to all things psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The site provides insight and practical information to clients and therapists as well as information about mental health at home, in the workplace, and society.

Topics will include the basics of psychotherapy, information about therapeutic practice, and how to find the best psychotherapist. TBB will also feature regular articles about everyday mental health issues, autism/related disorders, LGBTQI issues, in-depth features about issues salient to psychotherapists and more.

The site will include several features, including interviews, book reviews, your questions, and more. TBB plans to feature guest bloggers soon.

Please check back for more information and an expanded website.


1 thought on “About TBB

  1. This endeavor you are undertaking is truly inspiring and is a testament to the true human spirit and compassion it takes to become a psychotherapist. I, too, am giddy with excitement to find a kindred spirit here in the blogosphere, and I hope that perhaps together we can bring new voices to the field of psychotherapy.

    The best of luck!

    Kourtney DeBoer

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