About Me

An editor and writer turned therapist (well, psychotherapist-in-training), Alison Panko left Washington, DC almost nine years ago in search of cooler summers, warmer winters, and West Coast expanse. She has not been disappointed.

At home in the Bay Area, Alison turned her long tenure as a direct-service volunteer and autism educator into a burgeoning career as a psychotherapist; indeed, she packed away her style guides and got down to business.

A soon-to-be graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, Alison has developed a keen interest in providing psychodynamic psychotherapy (with an object relations and Jungian focus). She combines an accepting, relational style with curiosity, integrity, and an eye on practical solutions as well as deep exploration.

Alison’s broad-ranging interests include working with individuals and couples regarding a variety of issues, including–but not limited to

  • autism/Asperger’s;
  • life transitions (i.e, moves, graduation, retirement, job loss, divorece, health issues, and more);
  • LGBTQI, sexuality, and gender issues;
  • trauma and PTSD;
  • adoption/adoptees and foster-care issues; and
  • developing intellectual and creative capacities.

When not working or studying, Alison is a dedicated bibliophile, home cook, animal lover, life-long student, partner, and outdoors enthusiast. She loves mid-century furniture, learning ASL, children, and discovering new places large and small.

She can be reached at alisonpanko@gmail.com


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    Kent Brooks


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